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V. Yotov (Varna, Bulgaria)

Gold Plate with Monogram of the Late-Antique Fortress at Cape of St. Atanas

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Pages: 147-150

In 2019, during regular excavation of the late Antique fortified town located on Cape of Sveti Atanas near Byala (Varna Region, Bulgaria) a thin gold plate, ellipsoid in shape, with incised block monogram of Greek letters between two crosses was discovered. It came to light in a drainage channel coming out of the Late Antique bath, which was excavated seven years ago. The monogram is well designed. There is no doubt that this little plate was actually the bezel of an Early Byzantine gold ring. Based on the dating of the bath, it should be dated to the middle of 5th — beginning of 6th centuries AD.

Keywords: Balkans, Bulgaria, Early Byzantine period, Late Antique fortress, gold bezel, finger ring, monogram, bath

Information about author:

Valeri Yotov (Varna, Bulgaria). Doctor of Archaeology. Varna Museum of Archaeology. Maria Louisa Blvd., 41, Varna, 9000, Bulgaria
E-mail: [email protected]

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