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Stratum plus. 2014. No.6

E. Ya. Turovsky (Sevastopol, Crimea)

Monetary Business of Chersonesos: between Mithridates Eupator and Emperor Tiberius (63 BC — 37 AD)

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Pages: 307-314

Coinage of Chersonesos in the time period between Mithridates and Emperor Tiberius is understudied. There are three copper issues that can be dated to the rule of King Pharnaces II. Only issues coined during the rule of this king in Chersonesos had such countermarks as monogram "ПАР", ‘star’ and ‘star and crescent’. Mithridates’s issues, with rarest exceptions, did not have any countermarks. Similarly, no countermarks are found on the issues dated by the first time the city was granted freedoms, nor on the subsequent issues. The two varieties of coins of the "first eleutheria" were not coined simultaneously, but rather one replaced the other. Such personal name as Apollonid did not belong to a monetary magistrate, but rather to a tyrant. It is known that Apollonid’s name was mechanically deleted from legends of some coins with the help of a file. Emperor Tiberius’s rule was marked by silver and gold Chersonesos coins with the Emperor’s head and maiden with a bow and a lance. The legend of such coins read: city name, monogram "ПАР" and year of the city era.

Keywords: Chersonesos, coins, countermarks, Pharnaces II, Emperor Tiberius

Information about author:

Evgenij Turovsky
(Sevastopol, Crimea). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Reservation Chersonesos Tauric. Drevnyaya St., 1, Sevastopol, 299045, Crimea
E-mail: [email protected]

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