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Stratum plus. 2016. No6

V. G. Shaposhnik, Yu. V. Zayonchkovskiy (Kharkiv, Ukraine), V. P. Sheptuha (Cherkassy, Ukraine)

Tools of Medieval Coin Workshop from the Kharkiv Oblast

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Pages: 329-336

The authors publish a coin die for imitative coinage and two other tools, found in 2015 in Kharkiv Oblast of Ukraine and offer a review of previously published dies unearthed in the Golden Horde territories. It is concluded that all known similar coin dies were made of bronze, their height ranging from 12 to 31 mm. The die from Kharkiv Oblast has on its working surface an imitation of Arabic inscription in three lines and differs by its technical characteristics from all previously known ones: it is made of iron, its height is 38 mm. Presumably, it was used as the lower stamp to mint coinage. The second iron die, found together with the above mentioned near Novaya Vodolaga, is unique and finds no analogies. The authors assume that this die was used to place countermarks on coins. The third tool of the complex was also made of iron and possibly belonged to a jeweler.

Keywords: Golden Horde, numismatics, coin die, coin industry, imitation, countermark.

Information about authors:

Vladimir Shaposhnik
(Kharkiv, Ukraine). Mega-Trade Co. Ltd. Donetsky Lane, 18, Kharkiv, 61010, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]
Yuriy Zayonchkovskiy (Kharkiv, Ukraine). Kharkiv National University of Building and Architectire. Sumskaya St., 40, Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]
Vladimir Sheptuha (Cherkassy, Ukraine). Independent researcher.
E-mail: [email protected]

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