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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

G. Mănucu-Adameşteanu (Bucharest, Romania)

Invasion of Petchengers in the Mouth of the Danube (1027-1048)

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Pages: 345-361


Progress of the Petchenegers to the Danube’s shores coincided with the death of Basil II. The devastating invasions lasted until 1091. The first of them happened in 1027, and by a common hypothesis, it did not touch Dobrogea. However, based on new numismatic finds, reviewed archaeological discoveries and some data of monetary circulation, the author proves that the Petchenegers’ invasion of 1027 did target Dobrogea as well.  
Based on the chronological calculations suggested by C. Morrison for anonymous folles of 969-1092 instead of F. Grierson’s chronology used by the Bulgarian colleagues, the author attempts to interpret the discoveries in Bulgaria and Dobrogea.
Grierson’s suggestions contradict with the numismatic finds, as the classes of folles which must be present on sites, according to this chronology, are either absent or too scarce in fact.


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