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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)

The «Babel» of our Time: Between Nietzsche and Christianity

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Pages: 454-462


In his comments, the author starts from the problems of modern archaeology touched upon by the authors of the reviewed volume, and addresses the problem of self-reflection in science. He draws the readers’ attention to the fact that the modern science still has not overcome the contradictions noticed already by Nietzsche, and which grew even more complicated in postmodernism. As the author believes, a key to solution of these problems lies in the necessity to reform the ethics of the science, which will allow, first of all, to direct the destructive potential of postmodernism into the creative direction. In author’s opinion, when engaged in reform of its ethics, it would be useful for science to consider the experience of “Dao science”, and Shou Dao first of all.

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