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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

P. P. Bârnea (†) , E. Nicolae (Bucharest, Romania)

A Signet Ring of XV c. from the Old Orhei

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Pages: 254-259


The article studies the frame of a bronze signet ring found in filling of one of the features (No. 37) on the Old Orhei (Moldavian town of XV c.). The emblem of the signet is a schematic figure, which can be related to the “town gate” category (its destination in the Moldavian heraldry being so far debatable). It is inscribed into the Slavic ring legend, which contains the name of the ring’s owner, pan Galesh (Sir Galesh). it was Galesh the comis (groom), whose son Ieremia the visternik (treasurer) was married to Annushka, who was daughter of Vlaicu, the uncle of Steven the Great (Ştefan cel Mare). This Vlaicu was member of gospodar’s council and in various periods used to carry out the duties of a pircalab (governor) of the fortresses of Cetatea Alba, Hotin and Orhei (1480-1484). It is supposed that the surname of Galesh, the family of Galesh mentioned also in a gravestone inscription in the Old Orhei used to carry out military and administrative functions in the region till 1499 when the Tatars ruined the town.

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