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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

I. E. Goncharova (Kishinev, Moldova)

The Russian-Turkish Wars of 1735-1878 Reflected in Medals from the Collection of Moldavian National Museum of History

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Pages: 435-441

The article attempts to systematize the regular army’s award and memorable medals kept in the numismatic collection of the Moldavian National Museum of History. The medals are dedicated to the Russian-Turkish wars and embrace a period from 1735-1739 to 1877-1878.
The collection contains 52 medals and objects of medal-work art. The author succeeded in determining designers and medal masters, the time when the medals were introduced and rules of wearing award medals. Designers of many medals are well-known masters of European fame: Iohann Karl Hedlinger, Timofei Ivanov, Samuil Yudin, Iohann Kaspar Eger, Iohann Baltasar Hass, Karl Leberecht, D. Loos, A. Gube.
The published medals are a peculiar record owing to which the history of Carpathian-Danube lands in XVIII-XIX cc. discloses its new pages.

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