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Stratum plus. 2010. №6

V. P. Alekseev, P. G. Lododa (Odessa, Ukraine)

Numismatic Rarities of Antique Tyra In New Findings

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Pages: 133-140

This article identifies special characteristics of published rare Tyra’s coins. Among three coins with the type «Demeter–horse’s forepart, tuna» (№№ 1—3, figure 1), the following coins are noted: with new stamps on coin’s sides, with new monogram (№ 1, № 3) and full-preserved ethnicon (№ 1, № 2). The coin «Athena-bull» (№ 4, figure 1) on reverse has the englific stamp in the form of the letter «omega» (Ω). One of the coins with types «Cabeiri-ear» (№ 6, figure 1) has a countermark in the form of octactinal star, on the coin «Apollo-bull» (№ 7, figure 2, № 1) there is an ethnicon placed not under the line as a rule but over the bull, the coin «Athena-wreath» (№ 8, figure 2, № 2) unlike the same coins has a stamp. The coins «Apollo, bow — ΙЄΡΑ/εCΥΝΚ/АНТО/Υ, ball» (№ 9, № 10, figure 2, № 3, № 4) are minted by new stamps and there are spelling mistakes in the phrase «Holy Senate». The first one among the similar coins has the greatest diameter (27 mm) and the second one has the greatest weight (12,9 g). The semantic analysis of the coin types «Beardless head — eagle, branch» (№ 11, figure 2, № 5) has shown that the image on obverse should be considered as the image of Augustus, and the «branch» as a palm branch. Reverse images should be deemed as symbolic glorifi cation of the idea of unconquerable military force of Rome. The coin «Julia Domna’s bust — eagle, letter “В” (№ 12, figure 2, № 6) is a unique coin representing the unknown face value «dupondius» in the finale series of Caracalla’s coins. The coin «Julia Mamaea’s bust — Hermes» is the second specimen of «assarion» with new stamps of coin’s sides in the last series of Tyra’s coins with the name of Alexander Severus.

Keywords: face value, typology, stamp, monogram, countermark

Information about authors:

Vladimir Alexeev (Odessa, Ukraine). Candidate of Arts Studies. The Odessa State A. V. Nezhdanova Musical Academy
E-mail: [email protected]
Petr Loboda (Odessa, Ukraine). Odessa Numizmatics Museum.
E-mail: [email protected]

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