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Stratum plus. 2014. No4

M. K. Seitkaliyev (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Extraordinary Burial Complex from Karatobe Burial Ground in West Kazakhstan

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Pages: 141-148

This article is devoted to the analysis of extraordinary Late Sarmatian burial complex investigated in Karatobe burial ground. By a number of elements of this burial complex, Karatobe burial is similar with the circle of elite Late Sarmatian burials of the first half — middle 3rd century, found in South Ural Region. However, in spite of some common features, the funerary ritual has some peculiar features distinguishing it from the Late Sarmatian elite warrior graves. First of all, west orientation of the body is an extraordinary phenomenon for the sites of the Late Sarmatian time. Composition of grave goods also draws one's attention: some imported items were found along with typical artefacts of the Late Sarmatian Culture, which confirms contacts between the nomads of the South Ural Region and the population of Central Asia and areas farther to the east.

Keywords: South Ural Region, Central Asia, China, Great Silk Way, Late Sarmatian Culture, square grave, west orientation, bimetallic knife

Information about author:

Meiram Seitkaliyev
(Almaty, Kazakhstan). Archaeological Expertise LLC. Baisheshek St., 52, Almaty, 050050, Kazakhstan.
E-mail: [email protected]

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