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Yu. V. Stepanova (Tver, Russian Federation)

Finger-rings from the Rural Burial Sites of the Tver Upper Volga of 11th—13th Centuries

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Pages: 191-199

The article presents the characteristic of finger-rings from the Old Russian burial monuments of Upper Volga basin. A typology of finger-rings is offered. It consists of classes, types and subtypes highlighted by morphological features of the hoop. The quantitative characteristic of finds of different types is offered. The predominant types are wire (including twisted) and rod finger-rings. The number of plate wide-intermediate finger-rings is considerable. Shield finger-rings and finger-rings with insert are rare for the Upper Volga. Single finds of plate finger-rings with a slit hoop come from a microregion close to the «Vyatichi area». The collection of finger-rings from Old Russian burial sites of the Upper Volga has similarities with the set of finger-rings from Belozerye and from Tver, where the wire and rod finger-rings also prevail.

Keywords: Old Rus', Upper Volga, finger-ring, typology, chronology, burial

Information about author:

Yulia Stepanova (Tver, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Tver State University. Trekhsvyatskaya St., 16/31, Tver, 170100, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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