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Stratum plus. 2014. No.5

E. R. Mikhaylova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Early Medieval Settlements and Burial Mounds in the Rapti-Navolok Complex on Cheremenets Lake

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Pages: 273-285

The archeological complex Rapti-Navolok is located 15 km south-southeast of town Luga, Leningrad region, on the north-eastern shore of Cheremenets Lake. There are three multi-layered settlements and mounds of Old-Russian time and of the Long Barrow Culture. This publication puts into scientific circulation some results of excavations by author.
The oldest traces of human habitation here belong to the Stone Age and the so-called Paleometal time. These materials are not numerous.
Early Medieval sites belong to the Long Barrow Culture. The earliest item is the buckle with hollow B-shaped frame and a needle with a square shield from mound 21 in the group Rapti-Navolok III. It must be dated to the middle of 7th century the latest.
The materials of Long Barrow Culture are present in all three explored settlements. The settlement Rapti-Navolok VI is most interesting, with a solitary high mound “Borovskoe Kupalische” located at its northern edge. Analysis of materials of 1971 and new data suggest that the mound was built over the burnt house. The settlements Rapti-Navolok VII and VIII are a single complex on both banks of the brook. It seems that there was a residential area on one side of the brook, and a metallurgical workshop on the other.
Materials of excavations of settlements and burial sites demonstrate gradual spread of the Old Russian Culture here, but a detailed examination of Old Russian sites is not the purpose of this article.

Keywords: North-West Russia, Early Middle Ages, Luga basin, Cheremenets Lake, Rapti-Navolok, “Borovskoe Kupalische” stow, Long Barrows Culture, multi-layered settlements, Old Russian barrows

Information about author:

Elena Mikhaylova
(Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Saint Petersburg State University. Smolnogo St., 1/3, Saint Petersburg, 191124, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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