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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Levitsky O. G., Borziac I. A. (Kishinev, Moldova)

The New Palaeolithic monument of the Gordineshti I type in the North-West of Moldova

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Pages: 224-230

The site of Gordineshti I remained until recently isolated in the Late Palaeolithic of Moldova due to its stone inventory structure. After the publication of the material of the site Ripicheni-Izvor (Paunescu, 1993) it became clear that one of the layers, even two, related by the author to the Aurigniac has a great resemblance with the materials of Gordineshti I. Thus, in the Middle Prut area a new Late Palaeolithic culture is being revealed, which alongside with its Mousterian traditions in the knapping of stone has a specific inventory with a great number of beautifully worked bifacial points of various types that are encountered together with side-scrapers, flat and broad scrapers and with a little presence of Gravittian features. At the investigation of a multi-layer site of Trinka-Izvorul lui Luca (Bronze epoch, different stages of Halstat) on the surface, in prospecting shafts there were revealed more than 300 of flint objects which after the analysis turned out to be analogues to the materials of the site of Gordineshti I by raw materials, by technics of primary and secondary working and by inventory structure. The distance between them is no more than 7 km. Thus, with the discovery of these materials to which the article is dedicated one can talk with more confidence about the existence of a New Late Palaeolithic culture which we call “Prut’ culture. This name has already entered the literature, but until a satisfactory identification of the culture is given we consider the name preliminary. It is quite possible that it will enter as a variant the general complex of “Aurigniacian” cultures of Central Europe.

Information about authors:

Levitsky Oleg (Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor habilitat of history. Cultural Heritage Institute, Moldova Academy of Sciences
Borziac Ilie (Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor habilitat of history. Cultural Heritage Institute, Moldova Academy of Sciences 

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