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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

G. V. Zasypkina (Kishinev, Moldova)

The Dacians from East of the Carpathian Mountains in II-III cc. New Studies of Funeral Sites

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Pages: 392-402

The objective of this review is to inform the readers about a new monograph in Romanian language. The book titled “Free Dacians in Moldova. Archaeological Records. Cemeteries Podeni and Zvoryshtea” by M.Ignat studies material and spiritual culture of the Dacians on the lands between the Carpathians and Prut river in II-III cc. A.D. The monograph publishes material collected on two Dacians cemeteries of the time and oflers author`s own typology of pottery and other goods. The author provides both traditional typology and systematization of the grave goods by role and use of each item in the funeral rite. Of major attention is study of the funeral rite among the free Dacians in various aspects: from classification of graves to reconstruction of cremation ceremony and religious beliefs about existence after death. Based on differences in funeral rite, the author gives a classification of Poeneshti cemeteries, as the published sites belong to this group, and divides it into chronological phases which are synchronized with neighbour cultures and cultural groups.

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