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L. V. Pekarska (London, Great Britain)

Gold Cloisonné Kolty with Images of Saints: their Manufacturing Manner and Unknown Style Features

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Pages: 285-298

Jewelry bearing images of saints, publicized in academic circles but without any greater study, are presented here in detail for the first time. Additional information has been introduced where such detail has been lacking on those found in foreign collections. The images, their forms and design compositions, characterizing the work of the Kiev’s princely workshops of the 11th—12th centuries, are analyzed. Attention is focused on separate stylistic features of manufacturing, previously unresearched.
The study allowed us to conclude: that there were cases of stencils being re-used; that manufacturing to order of a pair of kolty by two masters took place — the main specialist, who was highly proficient in his drawing and cloisonné technique and his assistant, who was still gaining skills in producing such jewelry. This would explain the reason for stylistic differences in the details of face designs, garment decor and enamel tones.
A new interpretation of Vladimir’s kolts of the 12th century is proposed, revising the prevailing school of thought in literature about their provincialism and imperfection.

Keywords: Old Rus, Kyiv, Vladimir, 11th—12th centuries, kolts, Cloisonné, Saints

Information about author:

Ljudmila Pekarska (London, Great Britain). PhD. The Shevchenko Library & Archive. Linden Gardens, 49, Notting Hill Gate, London, W2 4HG, Great Britain
E-mail: L[email protected]

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