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S. V. Tomsinsky (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

An Applique for a Bag of 900—950 from the Town of Uglich

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Pages: 69-75

A bronze applique depicting flying birds found during excavations in Uglich is dated to the first half — mid-tenth century and finds analogies among the materials from excavations on the Middle Dnieper sites. The applique from Uglich is, in our opinion, of considerable interest for the study of the development of the production of belt set in the period of intensive interaction between different cultural traditions in Eastern Europe and, along with other finds, quite expressively characterizes the special importance of the small town of Ugleche Field, quickly rising at one of the crossroads of migration routes from the neighboring and remote regions in the Volga-Oka interfluve.

Keywords: Ancient Russia, Uglich, Middle Dnieper basin, overlay, ornament

Information about author:

Sergey Tomsinsky (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. State Hermitage Museum. Dvortsovaya Emb., 34, Saint Petersburg, 191181, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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