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L. V. Dergaciova (Bucharest, Romania)

Medieval Female Headpiece Found in the Republic of Moldova

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Pages: 119-124

In this article we discuss a fashionable piece worn by women in the Middle Ages, namely a silver pin for veil recently found in Stolniceni village, Republic of Moldova. The item consists of two parts, a long needle (pin) and a decorative flat head decorated with filigree, pseudo-granulation, colored by paste-like insertions and petal-shaped pendants. Analogues for such accessories are known from Furceni, Musaitu and Bălţaţi coin hoards, found on the territory of the medieval Moldovan state (actual Republic of Moldova and Romania). They allow us to date the item by the 16th century.
Also, according to the material found in Stolniceni village, as well as other finds around it, allows us to conclude that a medieval settlement that functioned during 16th—19th century could have existed here.

Keywords: medieval Moldova, 16th century, headpiece, pin for veil

Information about author:

Lilia Dergaciova
(Bucharest, Romania). Doctor of History. The Romanian Academy Library, Numismatic Hall. Calea Victoriei, 125, sector 1, Bucharest, 010071, Romania
E-mail: [email protected]

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