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S. Oţa (Bucharest, Romania)

Earrings Decorated with Hemstitched Spherical Pendants Found on the Territory of Romania, Moldavia and the Serbian Banat

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Pages: 181-190

The article discusses the structure of the earrings with hemstitched spherical pendants, decorated in the granulation and filigree technique, found on the territory of Romania, Moldavia and the Serbian Banat. In total, finds from 11 locations were analyzed (Cetăţeni-Poiana Târgului, Ilidia-Obliţa, Reşiţa-Ogăşele — necropolises; Buruieneşti, Şuşiţa, Braşov, Cotul Morii-Popricani, Olteni, Schinetea, Dubovac, Şaptebani, Cotnari — hoards). This decoration pattern is found on the circular link earrings, but also on the question mark shaped earrings (Ilidia-Obliţa, Braşov, Dubovac). Their chronology is mainly determined by the hoard coins. The items were also analyzed in terms of structure and decoration. From a chronological point of view, they were spread from the thirteenth century to the early sixteenth century. Their occurrence is typical for the communities south and east of the Carpathians, but also in the Banat or southern Transylvania, exactly in the same places where the Byzantine items or the items of Balkan tradition were in fashion during the previous centuries.

Keywords: Carpathian-Danube region, 13th—16th cc., earring, filigree, granulation, pendant, link, hoard, grave

Information about author:

Silviu Oţa (Bucharest, Romania). PhD. National Museum of History. Calea Victoriei, 2, Bucharest, 030026, Romania
E-mail: [email protected]

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