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Stratum plus. 1999. № 2

Dani A. H. (Islamabad, Pakistan)

The new discoveries in the North areas of Pakistan and origin of Dardic culture

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Pages: 362-367

At present time we have some new archaeological materials from the North Pakistan with specific traits of the artifact’s groups. Some objects have been acquired from different places excavated by local people illegaly. The graves usually have the circular form. Each circle is formed with stone boulders. The groups of artefacts include hand made pottery for example the globular urns containing burnt bones and ashes. No grey pottery has so far been reported. Also present the animal representations – the bronze figurines of ibex, heads of hair pins shows two birds, etc. Ornaments include the handled bronze mirrors, bronze finger rings, the varieties of conch – shells and numerous small beads. We have the number of bronze knife blades, shaft hole axe, iron long sperheads. The new discovery conducted by Nazir Ahmad Khan has produced an entirely different picture from Gandhara Grave Culture. We think that they present a specific group of Aryans – speaking people, the ancestors of the modern Dardic people.


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