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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 1

L. G. Matskevy (Lvov, Ukraine)

On the Final Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Kremenechina

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Pages: 378-384

An integrated analysis of materials from the Western Ukraine provides evidence of conditions existing in the region favourable for transition from the Palaeolithic to Mesolithic. It is to a large extent connected with the environmental changes. Thus, Lipa archaeological culture (Lipa I and VI) transformed into a Mesolithic culture Nezvisko-Oselivka in Holocene (upper layers at Lipa I, VI, Malye Berezhtsy I, II, Pidgirskoe I, Velikaya Ilovitsa IV, V and other). It is likely that the sites of Nobel culture (Velikie Berezhtsy I and II, Sapaniv IX, Pochaiv I, Vasilkivtsy II and Tsetsenivka I) originate from the Palaeolithic sites farther to the West, although their origin on basis of the local Palaeolithic cannot be excluded either (justified by presence of Svidera-like and Tardenoisian elements). Apparently, with mobility of primitive communities increasing and hunting despecialising, it was in Mesolithic when the basis for creation of syncretic cultures and combination of Svidera, Arensburg, Tardenoisian and other Palaeo-cultural unions appeared.

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