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Stratum plus. 2014. No4

V. G. Beliavets (Minsk, Belarus)

On Finds of Eye Fibulae of O. Almgren Group III on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus

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Pages: 159-177

Fibulae of O. Almgren Group III, known in Belarus, form solid typological series, primarily characteristic of cultures of Central European Barbaricum. This indicates their stable and dynamic inflow.
Eye fibulae of main series — basic forms of phase B1-B2a of the Early Roman Time — appears in the west of Belarus in materials of Przeworsk, Late Hatched Pottery Cultures and sites of Post Zarubintsy horizon. They were distributed mainly from the west as a result of contacts with population of Przeworsk Culture and the Baltic circle. Within the period synchronous with B2 phase, eye fibulae of Prussian series are not registered among the finds of the Late Hatched Pottery Culture and Dnieper-Dvina Culture in Belarus, but are rather well represented along their periphery between the Western Bug, Neman and Pripyat Rivers and are also known in the upper Berezina River. In the Polessye, finds of these fibulae should be correlated with the population of Post Zarubintsy horizon. In the Podlachia, eye fibulae of the Prussian series are presented in the materials of Przeworsk Culture and sites of Post Zarubintsy horizon.
In the end of the 1st — middle of the 2d cc. on the Belarusian land, as well as in neighboring central European cultures of Barbaricum, Baltic region and sites of Post Zarubintsy circle on the Middle Dnieper, eye fibulae of O. Almgren Group III are an element of dress, already fully integrated into the local traditions.

Keywords: Early Roman Time, eye fibulae O. Almgren Group III

Information about author:

Vadzim Beliavets
(Minsk, Belarus). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Academitsheskaya St., 1, Minsk, 220072, Belarus.
E-mail: [email protected]

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