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E. Gáll (Bucharest, Romania)

The Grave of an Allegedly “Conquest Period Hungarian Warrior” Found at Tei Lake near Bucharest in 1959

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Pages: 407-414

In 1959, a brief, quarter page long report was published by Sebastian Morintz and D. V. Rosetti, concerning a 10th century grave of a “Hungarian warrior” who had fallen in the battle against the Bulgars. However, it did not clarify when and how the finds were recovered, and while the excavation project has been documented, there is no record provided concerning the grave itself. My conclusions are very critical: the finds recovered at Lake Tei near Bucharest have been uncritically interpreted as a grave from the 10th century, not nearly complying with expectations of 21th century archaeology. Since the finds are practically scatter finds — without archaeological context and documentation, — I would propose to exclude them from the list of 10th century Hungarian graves outside of the Carpathian Basin.

Keywords: Bucharest, Lake Tei, 10th century, material culture, “Hungarian warrior”

Information about author:

Erwin Gáll
(Bucharest, Romania). Doctor of History. Institute of Archaeology “Vasile Pârvan”. Henri Coandă St., 11, Bucharest, 010667, Romania
E-mail: [email protected]

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