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Stratum plus. 2014. No4

A. S. Mylashevskyi (Kiev, Ukraine)

Vessels of IA Type after R. Wołągiewicz in the Chernyakhov Culture

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Pages: 189-212

The article deals with baggy pots (so called kumpfs), which are regarded as cultural-ethnic indicators. A separate type was distinguished among these vessels: it has some morphological features that distinguish it from Wielbark vessels and that are identical to the Przeworsk pots. Vessels of IAp1 type, variants IAp2a and IAp2b have been attributed as Przeworsk items. Subtype IAp1 was used within the initial phases of the Chernyakhov Culture. Rib and bottom flange, maximum diameter in the top third of the vessel’s height, higher indicators of the maximum height of the vessels, decoration with finger tucks - these were identified as distinctive morphological features of Przeworsk vessels. Another main distinction is related to technology: clay Wielbark pots were shaped spirally, while Przeworsk pots were shaped as monolithic vessels. The article analyzes burial sites and settlements that yielded pots of the mentioned types. Time span of IA, IAp2a and IAp2b vessels shows that they were used by the Germanic population of the Chernyakhov Culture throughout its lifetime. The earliest complexes with kumpfs of all types also contain Central European wheel pottery, which is indicative of relations with the population of the Oder-Rhein basin at the early stage of the Chernyakhov Culture.

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Roman Time, Chernyakhov Culture, Przeworsk Culture, Wielbark Culture, Germanic tribes, Goths, hand-made pottery

Information about author:

Alexandr Mylashevskyi
(Kiev, Ukraine). Archaeology Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Geroev Stalingrada Pr., 12, Kiev, 04210, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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