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Stratum plus. 2014. No4

A. A. Yegoreichenko (Minsk, Belarus)

Braslav Lake District in the First Centuries AD

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Pages: 149-158

Braslav Lake District is located in the north-west of Belarus. The Late Hatched Pottery Culture was spread on this territory during the first centuries AD. Hill forts were a significant feature of this culture. Pottery is represented by carinated pots without any ornamentation. Artifacts made of metal are not numerous. Sickles, fragments of axes, awls, knives, fish hooks, razor, pins, buckles are among them. Reel shaped pommel pins, belt top, plaques, spirals, trapezoidal suspensions are examples of bronze finds. Clay products are represented by spinners without any ornament, and fishing sinkers.
Late Hatched Pottery Culture sites in Braslav Lake District form a common area with hill forts of North-Eastern Lithuania and South-Eastern Latvia. It is possible to distinguish them as a particular form of the Late Hatched Pottery Culture.

Keywords: Braslav Lake District, Late Hatched Pottery Culture, hill forts, tableware, axes, knives, details of clothes, jewelry, clay spindle whorls, clay sinkers, chronology

Information about author:

Alexander Yegoreichenko
(Minsk, Belarus). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Belarusian State University. Krasnoarmejskaya St., 6, Minsk, 220024, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]

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