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Stratum plus. 1999. № 5

N. P. Telnov (Kishinev, Moldova)

Eastern-Slavonic Antiquities of the VIII-X c. of the Region Between the Rivers Dniester and Prut

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Pages: 313-327

The article provides a summary of the results of studies in the region of the Eastern-Slavonic culture of the Luca-Raikhovetsky type. The history of investigation of these antiquities is shortly presented, the characteristics of fortified and non-fortified monuments of this culture is given, the data of the analysis of the 200 semi pit-houses are offered, the constructive peculiarities of the metallurgical and other industrial and household constructions are reflected, as well as the results of the investigations of the burials in the region are provided. In the present study, a special place is given to ceramics. Its typology, stratigraphical observations and also the dated finds allow to single out three chronological periods in the Luca-Raikhovetsky culture. Industrial constructions, various tools, weapons, household items, position of the settlements and their planning allow to speak about the level of development of production and social relations among the population of the region. The comparison of the archaeological data with the information provided by the chronicles allows to consider the ethnic belonging of the antiquities and to define them as those of Tivertsy.

Information about author:

Nikolai Telnov (Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor of history. Cultural Heritage Institute, Moldova Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]


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