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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 1

S. P. Smolianinova (Odessa, Ukraine)

Space Distribution of Quartzite Items on Anetovka II Site

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Pages: 477-484

Planigraphic studies of the last years have broadened considerably our views on the structure of the Palaeolithic sites and economic and production activities of their inhabitants. The area of 1,109 square metres of the Late Palaeolithic site at Anetovka II excavated in 1978-1988 gave 520 quartzite items along with a large number of flint and bone fragments. Planigraphic approach allowed distinguishing a large assemblage of quartzite and a zone outside this assemblage of different economic characters. Analysis of qualitative composition of items in this assemblage enabled considering it as an area where nucleuses were prepared and split and tools made and used. Finds outside the assemblage could have been used along with the tools made of other rocks for cutting the animal carcasses. The restoration allows to make a reconstruction of how quartzite was split and how the produced items were used, as well as follow in which directions they were disseminated and also illustrate the nature of destruction of the cultural layer vertically and horizontally.

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