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Stratum plus. 2015. No6

N. D. Russev (Kishinev, Moldova), E. F. Redina (Odessa, Ukraine)

A Nomad’s Burial with Byzantine Coins Found near Katlabukh Lake and Development of Ethno-Political Situation in the Lower Danube Region in 12th Century

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Pages: 99-107

In 1970, the archaeological dig at the northern end of the Katlabukh Lake (Suvorovo village, Ismail District, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine) yielded a grave of a medieval nomad, buried in the mound of an ancient barrow; there were also a sword and remnants of horse’s limbs buried together with the nomad. This type of burials is known among the Pechenegs in 10th—11th centuries. However, thirteen Byzantine coins found near the warrior’s belt date this funeral site to a much later time. Electrum scyphati are emissions of Comnenus dynasty, who ruled between 1143 and 1195. A study of the historical evolution of the region in 11th—12th centuries suggests that the burial at Suvorovo village belongs to a representative of a small Pecheneg community wandering near the Danube’s delta, who managed to preserve their steppe life style and traditional identity. This was possible owing to ethnic ties with the right bank of the Lower Danube and Byzantium’s activities to enhance its security on the border with the nomadic world. The burial reflects participation of the steppe warriors in raids to the Balkans in late 12th century, in the midst of fight for restoration of Bulgarian Kingdom.

Keywords: Lower Danube, Bulgarian Kingdom, Byzantine Empire, warrior’s burial, electrum coins, scyphati, nomads, Pechenegs, Torks (Uz, Ghuzz), Polovtsy (Cumans), Comnenus dynasty.

Information about authors:

Nicolaj Russev
(Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor Habilitat of History. High Anthropological School University. Zimbrului St., 10a, Kishinev, MD-2024, Moldova
E-mail: [email protected]
Evghenia Redina (Odessa, Ukraine).  Odessa Archaeological Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Lanzheronovskaya St., 4, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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