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Stratum plus. 2014. No.6

G. Yu. Starodubtsev (Kursk, Russian Federation)

Russian Coins in the Last Quarter of the 10th — first half of the 11th Centuries and Russian Monetary Circulation

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Pages: 329-337

The author uses some earlier available data as well as new finds to analyze possible reasons for coinage of zlatniks and srebreniks in the last quarter of 10th — first half of 11th cc., as well as transition from dirhams and Anglo-Saxon coins to German coins in the second half of 11th c., and then to the coinless period in the 12th c. — 1330s-1340s. The author concludes that the emission by the Kievan knyazes seems to be an attempt to address the problem of insufficient money stock in the condition of the ‘crisis of eastern silver’.

Keywords: Kievan Rus’, numismatics, zlatnik, srebrenik, dirham, issue, “crisis of eastern silver”, coinless period

Information about author:

Gennady Starodubtsev
(Kursk, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences. The Kursk State Regional Museum of Archaeology. Pionerov St., 6, Kursk, 305001, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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