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Stratum plus. 2017. No6

Yu. A. Prokopenko (Stavropol, Russian Federation)

Finds of European Coins of 15th—18th Centuries in the Central Part of the Northern Caucasus

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Pages: 195-210

The proposed catalog of European coins of 15th — turn of 18th—19th centuries, found in the Central Caucasus, is the first step in creating a complete set of the relevant finds from the whole territory of the Northern Caucasus. It is important to study political and economic relations between indigenous peoples with traders and travelers from different European countries, as well as involvement of Ciscaucasian population in the national Russian market in the 18th — early 19th century. Study of Western and Eastern European coins (German, Polish, Riga and others) found in the central part of Northern Caucasus minted by different rulers of European states and cities helps us significantly enrich our knowledge of evolution of international political and economic relations in the Northern Caucasus in the Middle Ages and Modern Time. The finds of coins minted in the region, in the cities of Tsardom of Muscovy, and later in the Russian Empire, allows us tracing the process of rapprochement of the Ciscaucasian peoples with the Russian lands and their subsequent integration with Russia.

Keywords: North Caucasus, 15th—18th centuries, coin catalog, hoard, minting, kopeika, denga, grosh, thaler, ducat, coin circulation

Information about author:

Yuriy Prokopenko
(Stavropol, Russian Federation). Doctor of Historical Sciences. North Caucasian Federal University. Pushkin St., 1, Stavropol, 355009, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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