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Stratum plus. 2015. No6

V. M. Sidarovich (Minsk, Belarus), S. S. Ryabtseva (Kishinev, Moldova), M. A. Plavinski (Minsk, Belarus)

The Dziahciany Hoard of Middle 11th Century: Structure and Context

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Pages: 143-180

The Dziahciany hoard of coins and jewelry decorations is well known in special literature, but many of the discussions associated with this complex require further close attention. The hoard was discovered in the summer of 1957, while screeding of a street in the village of Dziahciany, Kopyl district, Minsk region, Belarus. Unfortunately, only a part of this complex was saved. We can speak about 320 coins — 318 Denarii and two Dirhams, as well as 26 jewelry decorations and one fragment of a silver bar. The total weight of the preserved part of the hoard is 382.63 g, of which the weight of the coin fraction (306 coins) — 333.43 g, and the weight of the decorations and silver bar (27 items) — 49.20 g.
The composition of Dziahciany hoard is unique for Old Rus’, which allows us to speak about foreign origin of the complex. The closest analogues for coin composition of Dziahciany hoard are found in the South of Poland, especially in Silesia. Moravia can be considered as another region contributing to the Dziahciany hoard. Most confidently, the formation of Dziahciany hoard can be associated with the events which took place in Silesia and Poland in 1030—1040s.

Keywords: Turov Land, the middle of the 11th century, the Dziahciany hoard, Denarii, jewelry, Czech Republic, Poland, Silesia, Moravia.

Information about authors:

Vital Sidarovich
(Minsk, Belarus). Belarusian State University. Krasnoarmejskaya St., 6, Minsk, 220024, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]
Svetlana Ryabtseva (Kishinev, Moldova). Candidate of Historical Sciences. The Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Stefan cel Mare Bd., 1, Kishinev, MD-2001, Moldova
E-mail: [email protected]
Mikalai Plavinski (Minsk, Belarus). Candidate of Historical Sciences. State University of Belarus. Krasnoarmejskaya St., 6, Minsk, 220024, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]

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