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Stratum plus. 2012. №6

L. V. Dergaciova (Kishinev, Moldova)

The Hoard of Moldavian Coins of 15th Century, Founded in the Suburbs of Simferopol City (Crimea, Ukraine)

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Pages: 199-221

In the suburbs of Simferopol city (Crimea), a buried treasure of Moldavian coins was found under indefinite circumstances, probably in the late 2009 — early 2010. The treasure included 1200 of half groats of Alexander I (1400—1432). The author had an opportunity to examine 379 specimens of the half groats. This lot consisted of some species of the half groats from the second part of the reign of Alexander I, imitations and fakes. Our preliminary conclusion is that the hoard was formed in the second part of the reign of Alexander I, probably first year/years of the reign of Ilias I (1409/1415—1432/1433).

Keywords: coin hoard, Crimea, medieval Moldova, Alexander I, copper half groats

Information about author:

Lilia Dergaciova (Kishinev, Moldova). PhD in History. Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
E-mail: [email protected]

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