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Stratum plus. 2012. №6

A. E. Tereshenko (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Apollo-Dionysus Motives in the Images on Coins of Pantikapaion Mint before the Mithridates Era

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Pages: 119-170

This paper studies the origins of monetary typology of the Pantikapaion coinage in the 6th—2nd cс. BC. The design of the most Pantikapaion coin types is believed to be driven from the symbols and paraphernalia of the cult of Apollo in his various hypostases.
Considering that coinage is the official means of propaganda for the politics and religion, it is necessary to recognize the existence of official cults.

Keywords: coins, stamping, Pantikapaion, cult, Apollo

Information about author:

Andrey Tereshenko (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences. The Russian Museum.
E-mail: [email protected]

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