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Stratum plus. 2015. No6

R. Ramadanski (Senta, Serbia)

Finds of Russian 16th—17th Century Coins in England: A Contribution to the Study of the Activity of the Muscovy Company

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Pages: 187-195

This work represents a thorough overview of eleven new finds of Russian 16th—17th century coins discovered in England. In that regard, all specimens are studied and determined individually and according to catalogue references. Along with the numismatic nature of the finds, the other part of the text is concerned with possible reasons that could be behind presence of the Russian currency in England considering the facts about Russian and English coinage and commerce as well as the intensive diplomatic and trade relations between the two states. This mainly refers to an English trading guild consortium called the Muscovy Company, which had the most significant role in establishing and maintaining that communication.

Keywords: Russia, England, 16th—17th centuries, Muscovy Company, Russian currency, international trade, kopeika, denga.

Information about author:

Raško Ramadanski
(Senta, Serbia). Graduate Archaeologist.
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

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