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Stratum plus. 2013. №6

I. P. Vozny (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)

Religious Syncretism in the Spiritual Life of the Population Between the Rivers of Upper Prut and Middle Dniester During 10th—13th Centuries

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Pages: 227-242

The article considers the questions related to the penetration of Christianity on the territory of the Prut-Dniester Rivers and the remnants of paganism that existed in the studied area prior to the fifteenth century. Archaeological materials of the sites discovered on the studied territory show that after accepting Christianity, pagan belief made up the whole system of primitive worldview, rituals, and customs based on ancient life style. This was manifested in the construction of the pagan forts-sanctuaries till the early 12th century (Kuleshovka, Babino, Nagoryany, Zelenaya Lipa and other), fighting wizards and witches, the funeral ceremony, building sacrifices. The individual elements of pagan beliefs appear to the present day in a life of the local population.

Keywords: Upper Prut, Middle Dniester, 10th—13th cc., fort-sanctuaries, syncretism, paganism, Christianity, burial, idol, ghoul, funeral rites

Information about author:

Igor Vozny
(Chernivtsi, Ukraine). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Kafedralnaya St., 2, Chernivtsi, 58012, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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