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N. D. Russev

On the Edge of Civilizations and Epochs

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On the Edge of Civilizations and Epochs

Pages: 240

Based on historical and numismatic sources, the monograph studies the past of the towns situated in the mouth of the Danube and Dniester Rivers – the outskirts of the Golden Horde in 13-14 cc. It was the crossing point on the ways of such developing civilizations as the Slavs and the Turks, the Byzantines and the Italians, the Walachians and the Moldovans. The urban life in this region dominated by the Golden Horde’s khans was a remarkable page in the local history. It became a sharp dividing line between the pre-Mongol world and the new stage in European history that started in the second half of 14 c.
The book can be recommended to everyone interested in achievements of the modern historical studies of the past of Moldova and adjacent areas – from high-school students to university lecturers.

Doctor of history L. A. Mosionjnic

Reviewed by:
Doctor of history P. P. Byrnya,
Doctor of historical sciences A. O. Dobrolyubski

English abstract:
I. D. Timotina

Doctor of history L. A. Mosionjnic

D. A. Topal

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Year - 2000
Pages— 240
Format — 145×200 mm
ISBN 9975 - 9559 - 6 - 7