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L. B. Vishnyatsky

Introduction to Pre-History

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Introduction to Pre-History

Pages: 312

This book by a famous researcher from St.-Petersburg L. B. Vishnyatski is a course of lectures held by the author at the University High Anthropological School. It is a vivid and absorbing reading in pre-history, i.e. history of the human society in pre-written epoch, containing most advanced ideas about the primitive society and debatable problems of research. Expressive illustrations enable a better understanding of the text.
The book is meant for those university students who study the primitive society, as well as for a wide readership.

Doctor of history M. E. Tkachuk

Secretary in charge:
Doctor of history R. A. Rabinovici

Reviewed by:
Doctor habilitat of history V. A. Dergaciov,
Doctor of historical sciences I. V. Bruyako

Doctor of history L. A. Mosionjnic

D. A. Topal

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Year - 2002
Pages— 312
Format — 145×200 mm
ISBN 9975 - 9607- 6 - 6