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Stratum plus. 1999. № 6

E. Nicolae (Bucarest, Romania)

Two Coins from the Late Period of the Golden Horde’s Domination in the Western Side of the Dniester

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Pages: 142-146

The first coin belonging to the Saseni hoard, is a silver issue of the Shahr al-Jadid mint from 768 A. H. (7.09.1366 – 27.08.1367 A. D.), whose reverse usual inscription is followed by a word deciphered as  shaykh. The author considers that the coin belongs to dominus Demetrius, princeps Tartarorum, attested by a document of 1368. The title of shaykh, which corresponds to dominus, will be replaced on the next issues of 769-770 A. H. by that of amir, which corresponds to princeps. The use of these titles in the inscriptions on the silver coins in which the name of the ‘khan’ was obliterated, shows the separatist tendency of the local ruler. The other coin was discovered during the archaeological excavations in Orheiul Vechi in 1972. It is a Mamlük copper issue of the Aleppo mint from the time of sultan al-Muzaffar Sayf al-Din Hajji I (1346—1347). This is a new and important archaeological evidence of the relations with the Mamlüks and the author argues that a gold plated iron mace discovered in a tomb near the village of Balabani (Taraclia county) bears also a Mamlük blazon: a cup in the broad central segment of a field divided by the horizontal lines (fesse).



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