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Stratum plus. 1999. № 6

J. E. Varvarovski

“Mamay Horde” (Based on Written Records and Numismatics)

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Pages: 276-287

The paper is dedicated to history of possessions owned by Mamay, the famous Horde army commander in 60-70s of XIV century. Separation of steppe territories between Don and Dniester is a logical result of the Golden Horde decay. Making references to the records, the author shows that the “Mamay Horde” was an accurate copy of Djuch’s Ulus state structures. Moreover, as a brilliant representative of the traditions of the old nobility, Mamay tried to reestablish the former order. Remaining an actual ruler of the Horde, he did try to conquer Saray, the capital, many times, and to name khan from among the direct (real or would-be) descendants of Batu. The death of Mamay and decay of his Horde meant victory of new forces defending poly-central model of Eastern Europe.



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