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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

G. I. Gospodinova (Chadîr-Lunga, Moldova)

The End of History in N.A. Berdyaev’s Philosophy

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Pages: 517-522

Questions of the meaning of history, of the creative role of man in history and in eschatology are central questions in Berdyaev’s historiosophic concept. Existence of history tells about imperfect qualities of our earthly world, about its movement to more perfect, developed and therefore complete forms. Movement to the ideal world is the meaning of history, but achievement of ideal means its end. Therefore, history without the end is meaningless. The purpose of history is the Kingdom of God, but it is possible only beyond history. The Kingdom of God is the absolute spiritual kingdom; it cannot be accomplished in the material world. History is the way to another world, and thus the objective of history can be accomplished only out its bounds, in upper history, in eternity. The purpose and the justification of history consist, according to Berdyaev, only in the end of historical world, which must come not as a catastrophe or as a punishment for sins, but as a victory of free man over the material world. It will mean transition from history to metahistory.


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