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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

E. Ya. Turovskii (Sevastopol’, Ukraine)

Some Problems of Coin Typology of the Ancient Chersoneses in 6th – 2nd cc. B.C.

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Pages: 356-363

The author considers the coins of Chersoneses in 6th – 2nd cc. B.C. in relation with some historiographic hypotheses, according to which appearance of coin types is explained by internal political developments, changes in international relations or in beliefs. The analysis of records convinces that many of these concepts are based on an erroneous chronology of minting or on speculative assumptions. At present, as a century ago, it seems more likely that images of the main Chersoneses divinities – Deva and Hercules – on the obverse of silver coins are indicative of their belonging to a certain monetary weight system.


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