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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

Zh. J. Zhekova (Shumen, Bulgaria)

Wallachian and Moldavian Coins of 14-15 cc. in Bulgaria

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Pages: 408-413

Wallachian and Moldavian coins are among other foreign currencies which circulated in Bulgarian towns in 14-15 cc. The Wallachian coins are rare in Bulgarian territory, except Dobrudja with numerous finds of the Wallachian ruler Mircea I the Old’s coinage. These finds are connected with his military activities aimed at seizure of the Despotism of Dobrudja. Some individual coins are documented in the capital Caliacra (22 items), Varna (14 items), Tyrnovo (6 items), Shumen (5 items), Vetren (2 items), Balchik (2 items), Ovech (1 item), Cherven (1 item). Moldavian emissions are even rarer finds: Varna (9 items), Caliacra (2 items), Shumen (2 items), Fisek (1 item), Sini vir (Shumen reg., 1 item), Ovech (1 item).
Unlike individual finds, collective monetary finds reflect the nature of monetary circulation and wealth of the urban population. Half of the hoards yield decorations along with the money. Besides homogenous assemblages in Vardun (Tyrgovishte reg.), Tyrnovo and Caliacra І, the number of Wallachian coins in hoards, as a rule, is not big. Concentration of such hoards close to the Danube points to trade contacts between population of both banks of the river. Almost all collective finds with Wallachian coins are dated by the late 14 c. – the time of the Ottoman conquest of Bulgarian lands.


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