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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

N. A. Khan (Moscow, Russia)

Inflow of Cuphic Dirhams into Central Europe in 9th – early 10th Centuries

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Pages: 299-309

The author studies three hoards of cuphic coins from Poland: Klukowicze, Drohiczyn and Czekhov. Their composition marked radical change in monetary flows. Abbasid emissions of North Africa, Spain, Iran and Iraq were swept away by a powerful and rapid transit of Samanid silver. It would take just 60-70 days for the coins from monetary metal wholesale market of Central Asia (ash-Shash area) to arrive to Kiev, coming through Itil and Bulgar on the Volga  River, which was major mediatory center for their further distribution in north and north-western directions.

Keywords: Cuphic Dirhams, Central Europe, Abbasid emissions, ash-Shash, Itil, Bulgar, Kiev


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