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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 5

S. V. Palamarchuk (Izmaїl, Ukraine)

The Town of Izmaїl: Early Stages

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Pages: 452-458

The article is dedicated to the early history of the town and fortress of Izmail (Low Danube, modern town of Izmail, Odessa region, Ukraine). The author believes that Izmail underwent a number of stages in its development.
1. Supposedly, a Walachian settlement called Smil, whose location has not been archaeologically proved and was not documented in the records of XV-XVI centuries, existed close to the Danube crossing-place in XV and was destroyed by the Ottoman troops in 1484 during their march to Chilia and Belgorod.
2. A new Ottoman village next to the destroyed Walachian one emerged in the mid XVI century again close to the crossing-place. Its name Ismail was documented in 1560.
3. By the late XVI century the village had evolved into a town with some fortifications and a transit port – crossing-place, belonging to the Muslim religious department.
4. By mid XVII century Izmail had become a small town without fortress, consisting of two parts: western and the main one, surrounded by a wall, and eastern one – quarters of Christian Orthodox population. During the military activities of 50s of XVII century, due to an inflow of refugees, this locality grew, so that right from that moment one can call Izmail a town.

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