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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

K. V. Golenko

Coinage of Bosporus under Mithradates VI Eupator

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Pages: 240-270

This paper is a manuscript of an unfinished monographic study by K. V. Golenko, found on his desk at home after his death in 1975. The coinage and currency of Bosporus during the reign of Mithradates VI had been his interest for many years during his work in the Department of Numismatics of the State Museum of Fine Arts and in the USSR Science Academy Institute of Archaeology (Moscow). He had collected materials for his study from different museum and private collections of the world for two decades and his several articles were dedicated to the coins and currency of that period. In 1960 and 1970-ies the coinage of Bosporus of that time was not studied in detail and basically leaned upon chronological division by A. N. Zograph (1951).

Keywords: Coinage of Bosporus, Mithradates VI Eupator

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