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Stratum plus. 2012. №5

Yu. M. Lesman (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Chronology of the Korela Cemeteries: Looking from Novgorod

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Pages: 149-157

The article discusses the dating of the Korela cemeteries based on the chronology of Novgorod artefacts (more than 500 types from the second part of the 10th —15th century, 119 of which were found in graves). The author analyses 25 burial grounds excavated by T. Schwindt. The small number of burial grounds is compensated for by the quantity of types found: up to 40 in each. Novgorod chronology can be applied to Karelia: only four types were in use there for a longer period than in Novgorod, including knives and Scandinavian-style rings with knotted ends. As a result, a more precise and reliable chronology is proposed. On the whole, the graves should be dated to the 13th — beginning of the 14th century. The majority of later burial grounds have not produced any artefacts.

Keywords: chronology, Korela cemeteries, Novgorod, synchronization

Information about author:

Yury Lesman (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences. The State Hermitage Museum
E-mail: [email protected]

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