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Stratum plus. 2012. №5

V. N. Kuznetsova (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Cored Ornithomorphic Medieval Pendants of the Volga and Kama Region

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Pages: 277-286

The article examines cored ornithomorphic pendants of 6—10 cc. Almost every variant of the Kama pendants of 6—7 cc. corresponds with the complicated images that combine the traits of waterfowl and elk. Classification of the pendants of 7—9 cc. is based on the comparison of the items’ ornaments and shapes. Pendants of group 1 are the most typical for the Kama region, some are found in the Volga region. Those of the group 2 are copies of the Western Siberia items

Keywords: the Volga and Kama region, ornithomorphic pendants, ornament, typological traits

Information about author:

Valentina Kuznetsova (St.-Petersburg, Russia). The Russian Museum of Ethnography
E-mail: [email protected]

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