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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

O. I. Boguslavsky (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

On a Type of Burial Sites at South-Eastern Ladoga Riverside

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Pages: 34-40

The author reviews evidence on design of burial constructions, the so called “houses of the dead” at South-Eastern Ladoga Riverside. Currently available data do not support the assumption that these sites were precedent to appearance of Ladoga barrows. Every “house of the dead” is synchronous to barrow antiquities in South-Eastern Ladoga area. The concept of development of Ladoga barrows, including from the local sites of a preceding period like “houses of the dead” has not been definitely substantiated so far. The construction, exterior and placement of burial structures of the two types are very much different. The author concludes that the researchers still do not know a significant ancient cultural-historical group that must have lived in the region on the turn of I and II millennia AD and that had a specific burial rite.

Keywords: Type of Burial Sites,  South-Eastern Ladoga, houses of the dead, burial rite


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