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Stratum plus. 1999. № 6

L. L. Polevoy (New York, USA)

Unknown Bulgarian Coins?

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Pages: 147-152

The article analyses rare copper coins, part of which was found on the Old Orhei settlement in Moldova. Heraldic images of a lion or of a two-headed eagle are set on the obverse of the coins, thus finding close analogues in medieval Bulgarian numismatics. Inscriptions in Arabic are found on the reverse side. The word «Carbona» can be read in some of these inscriptions, which is the name of the mint (modern town of Balchik on the Black Sea coast in North-Eastern Bulgaria).The author supposes that the studied coins were issued in the second half of XIV century in the state of despot Dobrotich, separated from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, and which recognised its dependence on the Golden Horde.



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