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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

S. V. Beletsky (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

A Village Cemetery of Late 17th – Middle 18th on Town of Voronich

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Pages: 84-163

Pskov expedition of the Russian Science Academy’s Institute of History of Material Culture has been recently conducting excavations on the territory of Pushkin reservation (Pskov). The main object of research in 2002-2004 was the town of Voronich. In 13th – 16th cc. it used to be a citadel of Voronich – a Pskov suburb and the third big town in medieval Pskov republic. During the Livonian war and in the Time of Troubles (Smuta) the town declined. In 19th century, the site of the town housed a parish church of St. George, houses of the clergy of the parish, orchards and kitchen gardens (Beletsky 2003: 100-141). The dig of 2002-2004 explored foundations of St. George church (built in 1764, reconstructed in late 1790s; perished in fire as late as early 1920s). The cultural layer beneath the temple and around it was as deep as 1.5 m and was almost completely destroyed by a cemetery. The three dig seasons discovered over 300 burials of late 17th – first half of 18th cc. (19th-20th cc. around the temple). The article publishes burials discovered during the digs of 2002-2003.
All inhumations are on back, with south-west or west-south-west orientation. Arms are usually placed on chest or belly, more seldom along the body or on the pubis. In some inhumations arms were bent in elbows with hands placed near shoulder joints. A number of burials yielded pendant crosses, buttons, fragments of adornment, clothes and footwear. The cemetery layer yielded pendant crosses, coins and fragments of wheel pottery dated by 13th – 18th cc., as well as some separate items of the same time. The uncovered burials were mainly made in the first half – middle of 18th c.
The cemetery of 18th – 19th cc. on the town of Voronich can be regarded as a village parish cemetery. To what extent it was typical for the Russian province of 18th c. I cannot judge, for the answer to this question requires some additional data to compare with, which are not available now.

Keywords: Village Cemetery, Town of Voronich, Material Culture,


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