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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

L. E. Grushina (Pskov, Russia)

On the Origin of the Toponym “Maly”

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Pages: 677-679

The article studies the origins of the toponym ‘Maly’ met in Izborsk area (Pskov oblast, Russia). Historiography features two versions of its origin: one is a derivation from the Latvian noun “mala”, the other is from the Russian adjective “maly” (small). The author criticizes both versions and advances her own hypothesis: the toponym originates from the Old Russian proper male name Mal. For instance, this was the name of a Knyaz of the Drevlyane tribe, who led the riot against the Kiev Knyaz Igor.

Keywords: Origin, Toponym “Maly”, Kiev Knyaz Igor, Old Russian

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