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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

E. Nicolae (Bucharest, Romania), M. Ciocanu (Kishinev, Moldova)

A Hoard of Golden Horde Silver Coins Discovered at Ivancea, Orhei District, Republic of Moldova

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Pages: 310-319

The authors describe the hoard of 96 silver coins and a small piece of silver (3.2 g) discovered at Ivancea, in  the area of the medieval settlement. The composition of the hoard is as follows: Uzbeg (1313-1341) – 23 coins (23.95%) minted in Krim; Khizr (1359-1361) – 1 coin (1.04%) minted in Saray al-Jadid; Mohammad (1368-1380) – 3 coins (3.12%) minted in Ordu; Toktamish (1377-1396) – 69 coins (71.87%) minted in Saray al-Jadid (2 pieces), Azak (4), Krim (43 and an imitation), of unknown mint – without the mint name in the inscriptions (16), and undetermined mint – defectively struck (3). There are 12 coins of Uzbeg, minted in Krim in the year 720 of the hegira, which are countermarked with the Arabic inscription „khan“ (11 pieces) and a damghah-trident ending in „bird head shape“ (1 piece). The presence of Uzbeg issues with countermarks is characteristic for the hoards from late 14th century and the first half of the 15th century found in Crimea and the neighboring regions. The last hegira year attested in the hoard is 796 (1393-1394 A. D.), but the imitation and some of the issues without the hegira year in inscriptions could be more recent. So, the hoard could have been lost in 1399, after the battle of Vorskla (12th of August), where the Lithuanians were defeated by the Tartars. As Moldavia supported the Lithuanians in this battle, it seems that the principality had to face the Tartar’s punitive raids.

Keywords: Golden Horde, Silver Coins,  Ivancea, Orhei District, Uzbeg, Khizr, Mohammad, Jadid, Toktamish,  battle of Vorskla, Lithuanians, Tartars


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